MeliHeal All-Natural Honey-Based Horse Healing Salve
MeliHeal All-Natural Honey-Based Horse Healing Salve
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MeliHeal Canine Wonder Salve
Veterinarian-formulated for fast healing. Treats most common canine
conditions, including hot spots, skin allergies, and cuts and abrasions.
All-Natural Ingredients
Honey: used since ancient times to treat open
wounds, honey (“Meli” in Greek) is a natural anti-

Lanolin: softens tissue, keeping it supple and moist
to promote healthy healing, and is important for the
re-growth of skin and hair.

Blend of Essential Oils: increase circulation to the
wound, reduce swelling and contain vitamin E, vital in
promoting healthy tissue re-growth.
1 oz jar
Now Available in 6 oz Jar

For vets and other
commercial users.
Or chronic conditions
requiring frequent
and prolonged use.

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