MeliHeal All-Natural Honey-Based Horse Healing Salve
MeliHeal All-Natural Honey-Based Horse Healing Salve
" The only
reminder of his
injury is a thin
scar that
continues to
fade. "

Kim M., Frederick County, VA
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Cuts and Lacerations
Above Left: Tigger had a severe laceration on the side of her neck as a
result of a gate injury. Dr. Detamore cleaned the wound and sutured the
tissues in two layers after applying MeliHeal.

Center: MeliHeal was applied to the suture line on a daily basis.
Tigger maintained her usual routine throughout treatment.

Above Right: The wound is healed after 10 days.
My horse stuck his head through a gate, which resulted in a nine-inch
laceration deep into the muscles of the side of his neck. I cleaned and packed
the wound with MeliHeal before it was sutured, and continued using it daily.
There were no dips or raised spots, not even a scar. That's good news
because he’s going into a show career.
”    — Jack B., Winona, KS

One of my student’s horses came in with a very deep, three-inch gash on his
forehead. We live very far from any veterinarian, and it was on a weekend too. I
told the student to clean the wound and apply MeliHeal until the next day, when
we could get the horse to a vet. But by the next morning, he didn't need stitches
after all. The wound had pulled together and looked very good and, after a
couple more days, you could hardly see the cut. After a week, you could hardly
see the scar. This stuff works better than anything I have ever used! I will never
go without MeliHeal in my barn
.”    — Claudia S., Gore, VA

I can’t say enough about the benefits of using MeliHeal. Thank you for caring
enough to develop a product of the quality of MeliHeal.

— Kim M., Frederick County, VA
Above Left: Older horse with a traumatic injury to his rear. The wound was cleaned, but no
hanging tissue was removed.

Above Right: The wound was completely healed after a month of treatment with MeliHeal.
"Blue" caught his right front leg in a gate panel that resulted in a massive injury over the knee (carpus),
extending down the inside of his leg to the fetlock. There was extensive loss of skin and subcutaneous
tissue, which exposed the knee joint and cannon bone.

The wound was packed with MeliHeal and wrapped overnight until Dr. Detamore could examine it the
following morning.

Every two days the wound was rinsed with saline and tissue margins lightly scrubbed with soft gauze
and coated with MeliHeal, followed by a compression bandage. After several changes, the interval was
extended to every three days.

The underlying tissue began to regenerate immediately, and the skin margins had visibly narrowed by
each new examination. There was no swelling or infection during treatment. After several weeks, only a
light bandage was necessary. Once the new tissue covered the bone, the wound was left uncovered.
The owners continued to apply MeliHeal daily until completely healed.

Blue is sound and back to his routine. The only reminder of his catastrophic injury is a thin scar that
continues to fade.
Above Left: "Beau" suffered a puncture wound and abrasion over his eye. The wounds
were cleaned, and MeliHeal was applied twice.

Above Right: Within a week the skin had healed and the hair had grown back.
Blue's Story
This is Pica, a 6-year-old Paso Fino mare. One morning, Pica was spooked and bolted through
four strands of barbwire fence. Her injuries looked devastating, to say the least, with cuts on all
four legs as well as her flank, chest and nose. The worst cut was on her flank; however, it was not
deep enough to injure any tendons or muscles.

MeliHeal was applied twice daily to all of the cuts for about one month. Within that month, many
of the cuts began to heal nicely, with lots of hair regrowth. After another month of applying
MeliHeal at least once a day, the flank and nose injuries were all but healed, with the hair
growing in wonderfully. By the end of the two months, the rest of the cuts all were healed,with no
scarring. MeliHeal is simply amazing!
      — Molly L., Mathias, WV