MeliHeal All-Natural Honey-Based Horse Healing Salve


Cuts & Lacerations

“My dog had a deep cut. The vet was able to stitch it up, but she said
the skin had atrophied and the stitches might not take. The wound was
grayish and did not look good; however, I started applying MeliHeal,
and within a couple of days, the skin had returned to its normal color
and the wound healed very nicely. This is the second time I have used
it on substantial injuries, and it works like a  miracle drug. I will never
be without it again
Bob H., Crozet, VA

“My dog recently had surgery and we had to keep the incision wrapped
to prevent him from chewing and opening the sutures. I was concerned
that keeping the area wrapped would impair healing. We applied
MeliHeal daily with a fresh bandage, and there was no swelling or
infection. The hair grew back quickly, and there wasn't even a scar!
William R., Charlottesville, VA

Skin Abrasions
“I have four dogs and had just acquired a fifth. While I was out of town,
an altercation ensued and two of the dogs had significant abrasions. I
started using MeliHeal on my shepherd mix right away since he had
significant abrasions under his chin. I applied MeliHeal twice daily for a
week. What once was a raw and oozing, irritated sore was, by the
weekend, completely healed and of no consequence to the dog. I
highly recommend MeliHeal and will always have it on hand.”    
— Bob H., Crozet, VA   

“Our dog Peewee suffers from skin allergies — anything from certain
blankets to the grass seems to make his skin itch and get really red.
First comes the itching, and then he obsessively scratches until the
skin gets raw, irritated and even bleeds. We took him to our vet, who
gave us MeliHeal to try. Not only did the itching subside, we noticed the
raw spots on his skin had healed within just a few days. We were so
impressed that we even used it on our insect bites, and it helped.
We've recommended MeliHeal to all of our friends and family!

— Teresa D., Broadway, VA

Cracked Pad
“Our 12-year-old Jack Russell got a crack in her front pad; she could
not even walk on her foot. We asked our sister-in-law ( a vet tech) what
to do with it and she said to soak it and, ‘By the way, try this stuff I got
as a sample — MeliHeal.’ After two days her limp was gone and the
pad did not hurt to touch. You cannot believe it until you use it —
this stuff is amazing!”
— Tim and Samantha D., Duxbury, MA

Hot Spots
“I have one itchy Airedale, who is constantly developing hot spots on
her belly and paws. Since discovering MeliHeal, Lucy’s skin has
cleared up and her scratching has dramatically subsided. MeliHeal
soothes, heals and stays put when applied to Lucy’s skin. I couldn’t
recommend it more.
”    — Meg K., Charlottesville, VA

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MeliHeal All-Natural Honey-Based Horse Healing Salve
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" It works like
a miracle drug.
I will never be
without it
again. "

Bob H., Crozet, VA
Lucy, an English bulldog, suffered a massive wound on the side of
her face. MeliHeal Canine Wonder Salve was applied daily. One
month later, the wound was healed.
Photo Left: Before
Photo Above: One Month Later