MeliHeal All-Natural Honey-Based Horse Healing Salve
Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Will the honey in MeliHeal attract insects?
A:MeliHeal does not attract flies or other insects, not even in the
extreme heat of summer. What’s more, the essential oils (plant
extracts) in MeliHeal actually repel insects.

Q: How often should I apply MeliHeal?
A: Apply a thin layer of MeliHeal to the affected area at least once a
day; however, it can be used as often as needed to promote healing.
Because MeliHeal contains essential oils, it can quickly penetrate  
tissue. This allows it to begin working almost immediately. In addition
to its healing properties, MeliHeal also provides an invisible barrier to

Q: Can MeliHeal be used on animals other than dogs and horses?
A: MeliHeal can be safely used on most animals. However, it is not
recommended for cats, which can be sensitive to essential oils.

Q: Why is MeliHeal in a glass jar?
A: MeliHeal contains essential oils, which can be absorbed by plastic,
rendering them less effective.
MeliHeal All-Natural Honey-Based Horse Healing Salve
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The essential
oils in MeliHeal
repel insects.