MeliHeal All-Natural Honey-Based Horse Healing Salve
Created by a Veterinarian

MeliHeal is made up of three primary ingredients — honey, lanolin
and a unique blend of essential oils.

• Used since ancient times to treat open wounds,
honey (“Meli” in
Greek) is a
natural anti-bacterial.  

• The
lanolin softens tissue, keeping it supple and moist to promote
healthy healing, and is
important for the re-growth of hair.

• The
essential oils increase circulation to the wound, reduce
swelling and
promote healthy tissue re-growth not brittle scar tissue
or “proud flesh.”

I use MeliHeal on pretty much anything that affects the skin and soft
tissues of  horses. It encourages fast healing, even in the most severe
cases. And unlike other topical products, MeliHeal
readily adheres to
the wound site
, forming a protective barrier to prevent infection.

After receiving such positive response to the product — many MeliHeal
users have told me they can't believe an all-natural treatment can be so
powerful — I decided to formulate a salve to
treat common canine

I’m so glad to have MeliHeal in my bag. You will be too.

Cheryl L. Detamore, DVM
Equine Practitioner, MeliHeal Inventor

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Cheryl L. Detamore has practiced equine medicine for over 13 years, and
specialized in Thoroughbred horses in the heart of Kentucky’s horse country. A
graduate of the Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr.
Detamore now practices in Virginia and West Virginia. She has written about
equine health for "Western Horseman," "Natural Horse," "Equine Wellness," and
"The Horse."

  • Protects against infection

  • Improves circulation to the

  • Regenerates skin tissue

  • Reduces pain and swelling

  • Minimizes scarring

  • Calms and soothes
MeliHeal All-Natural Honey-Based Horse Healing Salve
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MeliHeal Gives Back
We are proud to donate MeliHeal to
groups that promote the health and
welfare of dogs and horses.

Contact us if your nonprofit group
could benefit from our product.
Read Dr. Detamore's essay on the healing powers of
honey in "Natural Horse Magazine."