MeliHeal All-Natural Honey-Based Horse Healing Salve
I was afraid Waylon would have to be put down. He had a massive wound
that exposed the entire front of his hock joint. It seemed hopeless. I was
skeptical at first, but I treated the wound with MeliHeal every day and watched
it improve with each application. Within a few days, all signs of infection
disappeared and new tissue began to grow over the joint. The skin margins
closed quickly and left only a tiny scar. Waylon was back to his normal routine
in about two months. Take it from me, MeliHeal is amazing!

— Judy M., Mathias, WV
MeliHeal All-Natural Honey-Based Horse Healing Salve
" Take it from
me, MeliHeal
is amazing! "

Judy M., Mathias, WV
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Chronic Thrush
My pony had suffered from chronic thrush (a fungal infection of the bottom of
the foot) for years. I had tried everything on the market, but nothing helped. I
packed the sole of the foot with MeliHeal and it was gone within days.

— Kristy O., Keswick, VA

Allergic Reaction
My horse had a severe allergic reaction that caused her skin to become
inflamed and the hair to fall out over a large portion of her body. I was reluctant
to try just any product because her skin is so sensitive. Not only did she
respond immediately to MeliHeal treatment, her hair started to grow back within
a few days. I call it the ‘Wonder Salve.
’”    — Diane V., Winchester, VA

My pony had a severe allergic reaction, with open sores all over her body. After
applying MeliHeal, the sores healed and the hair grew back quickly. MeliHeal
also helped soothe the pony, which was in a great deal of distress.

— Kristy O., Keswick, VA

I am writing to let you know how much I love MeliHeal! I have three horses and
have used it on each of them for many different reasons. From bug bites and
scrapes to frostbitten ear tips on my foal, MeliHeal has worked wonders. I have
seen wounds heal in half the time it would take with other medications, and it
doesn’t need to be reapplied as often due to the way it adheres to the wound.
MeliHeal also encourages new hair growth, which is truly remarkable.

When I acquired my foal as a rescue, she was three weeks old. Both of her
ears had been frostbitten and were quite sore. Applying MeliHeal once every
evening encouraged the ears to heal and hair to grow back. Now, five months
later, her ears are completely healed and there are no scars.

— Kim M., Frederick County, VA

I have used MeliHeal on several of my school horses and on rescue horses,
including those with cuts and some deep wounds. I was amazed at how fast
the wounds healed and that it left minimal scarring. One of our rescues was a
medicine hat paint yearling that was in extremely bad condition with very pink
and tender skin. She was constantly sunburned, to the point of blisters. I used
zinc oxide compounds that helped some, but she continued to burn severely. I
decided to try MeliHeal and see if it would do any better. I was happy to see it
healing up within a day and, in a couple more days, the hair had started to
regrow on her face, neck and shoulders. It was miraculous to see the healing
and hair growing where none had been!
”    — Claudia S., Gore, VA

Swollen Sheath
For years, my 32-year-old quarter horse suffered from a swollen and inflamed
sheath. I started using MeliHeal and a few days later was shocked to see that
the swelling was completely gone! I now apply MeliHeal regularly, and the
sheath is now normal size.
”    — Kristy O., Keswick, VA

Scar Tissue
I am using MeliHeal on old scar tissue from an injury to my mare’s foot. It was
once badly infected and over time healed, but left a puffy scar. I have been
applying MeliHeal on this scar on a semi-regular basis and have noticed a
difference in the softness of the scar tissue. I am hoping to see an
improvement with regular application in not only the appearance of the scar but
also the sensitivity she still experiences.

I can’t say enough about the benefits of using MeliHeal. Thank you for caring
enough to develop a product of the quality of MeliHeal.

— Kim M., Frederick County, VA

I used Meliheal on my new rescue’s sores. Within 10 days, the sores were
healing, the scabs dropping and signs of new hair growth starting.

— Janice G., Lucas, TX
Above Left: Alf suffered from a severe case of ringworm. His long hair
made it difficult  to detect until he began sheddding his winter coat.

Right: Hair began to return within two days of treatment with MeliHeal.
My Dartmoor pony had ringworm. I used MeliHeal and, within two days, it was
all cleared up.
”    — Claudia S., Gore, VA
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